Once upon a day there was in Hyrule land Patrixxx came. He goed to Zroas Domin and there misteryus activitiz went on at the time of the sun was not in the sky at the moment. The next day, there were a zora. Her name was Rutroxxx. She was different from the others. All anyone was really knoewsd was that she was the daughter of Patrixxx. Then they kild everone hyperlisticly.

The next day, Rutroxxx was sitting around eeting babue feesh but then she realized something: she had no idea whos her mommy wer and wus sad. So she went to Patrixxx and asked him who her mother was. Patrixxx just said "............... Oh hey it's lunch time." So they muddered Lard Jabajajba and shit. .seY. Later she asked Patrixxx again. Then he said "It was the skeleton" and then a skeleton pooppped out and Jeff the Killer exploded hyper-realistic and then she hugged skaleton but skelleton was fone and she realized that phone could not be her mom so she cried and Patrixxx said "There there. No, There" and then she went there and there was her mother named There so they killed There and ate her and then the world cried hyper-realistic piss and I died because I suicided to death becauze I was engaged to marry There.