• this is based off the Yume Nikki fangame Me by isasapiens on youtube and M-256 on deviantART.

Heya and Me were at the Bubble Dance Party. Me had 2 alcoholic bevarages while Heya had 10. He was drunk, telling Me that he wanted to fuck her. After wobbling around for a bit, he had to pee. But he thought he could hold it. Later on, he threw up and passed out for a while. Me knew he was drunk, so she kept partying. About 90 minutes later, he woke up. There was a pain, pratically sharp as glass, in his lower abdomen. There was literally a bulge from how full his bladder was. Me walked over to him and shouted, " Are you excited to see me or do you have a banabana in your pants?" (she shouted because of the loud dubstep playing over the speakers).

He looked down to see his bladder had made a bulge. He blushed and ran in the direction of the bathrooms. But there was a LONG line of those creatures.

By now he was crossing his legs, sweating, and squirming. He decided to dance while waiting for the line to shorten. He waddled over to the dance floor and shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

                                       10 MINUTES LATER.....

He couldn't take it anymore! Heya ran faster than lightning to the bathroom, but was horrified to see an "out of order" sign on the door. 

Suddenly, faster than a jet and before he knew it, IT came out. He was blushing, crying, and sat on the floor. Me came over and got a nosebleed from how sexy the scene was for him. THEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!