I was on SMW Central playing a generic Mario World hack and I saw a ghost outside my window so I went under the covers and went to bed.

I woke up at 2:15 am and my room had this green glow around it. The green glow was coming from my computer and every time I would make a noise, it would make an echoing sound. I said "Hello?" and my voice echoed. I went to my computer and Lunar Magic was open with some hack called "Goodbye..". I don't remember getting that hack. This is very weird.

SNES9X was already opend so I chose a file and began playing. The overworld was the same exept there was no water. Instead it was just pitch blackness. The music was the 4th misson music of Luigi's MansionDark Moon and it didn't sound like a SNES song. I chose the seconed level to see what was in it.

It was just pitch blackness and some particle affects. I moved to the right for about 10 seconeds and I saw this thing just sitting there. I went up to it and press A. Then a text box appeard that said "DOO-UH-LALALALAALALALA!!!!". Then Regigigas popped out and killed mario and hyper realistic blood went every wear. Then a screen with Regigigas's face appeard and said "I AM GIYGAS!!!". I turend the computer off and back away to my door.

Then when I bumped into my door; A creepy old man guy grabed me and therw me on the bed and said "WELCOME TO DIE!!!". Then he got a spear and killed me. Then he turend my room into some old fashion room and then he got a music player and it was plalying this song: DEN DEN DEN DEN DEH, DEH DEN NEH NEH!!! DEH NEHN NEH NEH NA!!! DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN!!!!

He died while listing to it and his corpse rotted fast and turend into a skeleton.

Super Mario World is still my favorite game.